Mink Foodiee Bakery Management

by Indian Mesh Pvt Ltd

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Mink Foodiee Bakery Management system software is a cloud-based software system that enables us to manage the operation and organize tasks in making a cake or a bakery. The system incorporates the details of stock, inventory, orders , time, and more important things. 


Mink Foodiee Bakery Management system helps to manage operations in a simplified way to give accurate results timely.  It delivers updated bakery stock, inventory and order details that make it easy to manage bulk orders at the same time.


Management of order delivered, order pending and order in progress, time of order delivery, and more all in this system. 

Stock & Inventory Management


The bakery management system manages the inventory, updates the stock, managing the inventory that is required for the use. Stock, orders details and customization, recipe rules  and many more functions are managed by the system.


Digital Menu 


The bakery management system gives you a system where you can individually manage and view the digital menu and place the order online. The menu can be customizable and can be modified as per requirement .


Customer Management


Mink Foodiee  The bakery management system efficiently manages the custom orders , status reports , type of order, payments pending or receivables and other details efficiently.


Payment Gateway  Integration 


Mink Foodiee The bakery management system helps to manage online payments and transactions of order placement. There is a setup to place the order through online mode of payment and get the payments in the business owner’s account directly.


Role Management 


Mink Foodiee bakery management system Role management is a registration system that enables your business to manage roles assigned to every person and check updated status. Roles in recipe making, ingredients, rules involved , quantity and more. Managing roles and responsibilities assigned to the employees. 


Cloud-Based Software Solutions


Mink Foodiee system offers a cloud-based software system that enables you to operate your business from any location. The inventory management is designed to monitor application, data, services cloud-based resources that optimally interact with the customers. 


Analytics, reports and data management


A detailed analysis of the eateries’ operations, and offers innovative solutions to improve the speed, efficiency, and customer satisfaction based on real-time operational data. It also provides a comprehensive analysis of daily and periodic sales reports, analytics and reports to make informed decisions for the business.


Order Management 

Manage your orders delivery and delivery notes with bakery management system to get it delivered on time.






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