Mink Foodiee Restaurant POS

by Indian Mesh Pvt Ltd

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Mink Foodiee a product of Indian Mesh Pvt Ltd and we are a Restaurant Management Software company with our Point-of-sale software running successfully in multiple restaurants in Pan India for the past 6 years.

 Mink Foodiee is one of the very few Cloud based Point-of-Sale and Restaurant management system, which is any device compatible - Mobile, Tablet, Laptop, Desktop and even a POS machine. With both Online and Offline version available, you can rely on Mink Foodiee to always be up and running for your business operations and management.

The Managing authorities will have access to all Outlets and Sub-outlets Management systems along with an integrated centralized dashboard, customized to provide the special insights, monitoring information along with restriction control for Security purposes.

Components are:


Online Menu & KOT Management

3rd party Integrations

Petty Cash Ledger Management

Feedback Management

Recipe Inventory / Material Management


Loyalty Program

Reports & Analytics

Point of Sale (POS)

Mink Foodiee offers high-quality checkout function that creates bills and invoices for all the orders.

Billing & Invoicing

Quick and efficient restaurant billing with the touch of your fingers.  Get visual representation of table status.


Recipe Management

 Create recipe banks by mapping relevant ingredients which are in different UOM's(unit of measurements) Dynamic recipe

Third-party Integration

Mink Foodiee POS software allows restaurants to take their business online. It provides seamless integration with third party portals

Payment Gateway

Integrate different payment methods like credit cards, Debit Cards, mobile wallets, UPI, etc. 


SMS, Email & Whatsapp Alerts

Restaurateurs can integrate SMS, Email and Whatsapp alerts for better marketing and customer interaction. 

Loyalty Program

Increase the customer retention rate with user-centered loyalty programs and reward them with discounts and other offers whenever

Customer Management

Retain your customers by appreciating their Loyalty by giving customized offers. 

Table Management

The software efficiently manages the seating arrangement of the eatery. It also assists in things like pre-bookings, customers details.

Discount & Offers

Restauranteurs can generate lucrative offers to attract newer customers to their restaurants and increase their customer.

Analytics & Reporting

Get accurate reports on what ingredients are well consumed and what is wasted. Optimize next purchase to profit efficiently. 

Menu Management

 Users can create menus and categorize them, e.g., dine-in, home delivery, parcels, etc. This software facilitates automated.

KOT Management

KOT services in Minkfoodiee POS is developed to increase the speed and efficiency of the eateries. 

Role Management

The software allows restaurant owners to create a thorough hierarchical-oriented workplace with assigned roles for their daily






This is user friendly software

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2023-06-19 15:49:01

WIth good UI & features

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