Meshink Pharmacy Billing Software

by Indian Mesh Pvt Ltd

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Meshink Pharmacy Management Software (AI-Powered) platform enables the pharmacist to manage the medications stock and inventories in a systematized way, categorization of the medications, e-prescriptions, billing management, automated updating or alerts of stock levels, workflow management and many tasks related to the pharmacy management.

Meshink Management Software allows the business to keep the track record of all the activities, schedule tasks, reports generation, e-billing, barcode scanner, inquiry & workflow management, sales management, inventory management, and updates. 

This software can help in Management in Pharmaceutical industries, chemist shops, hospital pharmacy & healthcare Centers.


Enquiry Management

Meshink Chemist/pharmacy management software system enables you to manage inquiries and it works on the front line of the software, so every latest or new enquiry is handled and managed effectively. This system helps the sales team to track, manage, to take appropriate action. If enquiries are handled properly, they can be helpful to predict sales performance.

Dashboard Management

 Meshink Chemist / Pharmacy Management Software system provides a data dashboard for the owners that displays the complete view of the business process taking place and way to track them. The dashboard enables to track, verify, analyze data, KPI, task scheduling, Customer data, prescriptions, inventory and stocks, graphs, performance, analytics, schedules and many more. Track your business in one go.

Analytics & Reports Management

Analytics reports are created and managed, to keep the track of sales, expenses, members joined, prescriptions, customer reports, inventory and stock reports, custom reports. Verifying these reports makes it easy for the owner to take precise decisions and streamline the process in an efficient way.

Mobile Access

Meshink Chemist Management software offers mobile access or web access where they can view the items, products and can expand their business outreach. Showcase the products or business through the mobile, the web can be possible.

E Mail and SMS Notification

This System enables your business to manage contacts, customer details, supplier communication, management of inventory, stock, communications, sales and create SMS / Emails, schedule them to reach to customers, staff and suppliers. This makes the customers informed about your sales and offers and connects leads with your business. SMS/ Emails can have a great impact on your business outreach and sales.

Purchase Order (PO)

Meshink Management system has Purchase Order(PO) creation in which enables the client to manage, analyze and monitor risks for their business in the supply chain process. PO creation manages the financial assets of your business with perfection, including every important detail and lessens risk factors related to them.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management & optimization is balances stocks, manages financial assets effectively, sets the service-levels goals, setting up KPI, maintain large collections of stock/Inventory and taking demand and supply into the account. 

 Agent-Based Commission Modelling

Meshink Software system offers the feature to manage the Agent-Based commission modeling system includes interactivity between client and agency.  Managing the campaigns, receivables, commission agents, data analysis and updating the status in the system.

Role-based Access control

Meshink Chemist/ Pharmacy management software offers designation-based access control to users. Owners will have the administration access and they can assign access to any person they have their logins and id. Where the user can track their performance, stocks, reports, inventory, sales, transactions and more.

Bar Code, OR Code Generation and scanning

Barcode and QR code is an exclusive program, scanning barcodes, generates data from POS, scans them in a huge volume. Maintains computer cash registers. Tracks the entries scanned and maintain reports for better management. Barcode QR Code Helps to manage the inventory and stock more effectively.





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