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Meshink CRM software manages customer relationships, interactions for both current and potential customers. Managing customer interactions, data analysis, improve business relationship with customers, improvise user experience and more. CRM’s goal is to increase sales by improving customer relationship and experience with the services. 

Meshink CRM Provides flexibility, customization, data analysis and automation of the process for increasedproductivity, market campaign, tracking email, configuring customer interests. CRM helps out for the business of every size to improve the customer management, strengthening business/customer bond as the result of increased sales and ROI for the business.

Meshink CRM act as a team member that can access the contact information and send the automated messages, update data in real-time, accuracy in data entry and more. The most important benefit of deploying a suitable CRM Software for your business is that it has the ability to automate the time consuming tasks, manage sales operation effectively, minifies sales process cycle and enhancing productivity of your business.

Automation & Workflows

Automate and streamline processes, messages with the built automation engine

Multichannel Communication

Can use the software to send personalized communication and automate message sharing across different channels.

Escalation & Alerts

Avoid micromanagement with time-based rules and Escalation policies

Charts & Dashboards

Custom dashboards, Tabular reports and Pivot reports are available in it & Get real-time insights from your data

Sales Excellence

It organizes the customer data & sends follow-up reminders to salespeople to ensure higher conversion.

Projects Management

The project management module can be used for streamlining tasks and workflows and ensure better customer relationship.

Pipeline Management

Create custom pipelines, setup standard tasks by stages and get accurate forecasts

Task Management

You get access to Kanban boards & a calendar for assigning, preparing, and delegating tasks.

Activities & Follow ups

A complete overview of meetings & activities for tracking customer needs and queries.

Lead Management

Capture leads directly into CRM from various sources, run automated personalized messages, and increase lead conversion rate





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